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Situational Analysis


Ubisoft is a French-based video-game developer that has brought passion and innovation to the industry since its founding in 1986. Ubisoft’s goal is to provide players with a unique video-gaming experience and create games that are interactive and engaging. The company has a distribution network of 55 countries and has a team of about 6,700 people across 26 countries. Ubisoft has the second largest in-house creative team in the world, with 26 different creative studios working hand in hand to bring users the best gaming experience.


Ubisoft’s Just Dance Video Game Series was created in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii console. With its upcoming sixth edition release, the Just Dance series is the best-selling game of its kind and tops the sales charts during the regular holiday season. Its popularity and evolution has transformed it from a one-console dance game into a popular American pastime.  Just Dance 2015 will continue to be available on multiple platforms like XBOX 360 & ONE, Wii & Wii U, and Playstation 3 and 4, ensuring the game’s universal trend.


Ubisoft has partnered with various agencies to build campaigns that raise awareness, drive sales, and reach a bigger audience. They have had success with MediaMind and Biborg Agency, where they launched an interactive ad campaign for previous games, such as Assassin’s Creed 3. With this interactive campaign, their strategy was to create “game-like” web and mobile interactive videos to create maximum engagement and target the best audience. MediaMind and Biborg Agency created interactive videos that could be played using mobile devices and tablets, the platforms that their target audiences used the most. This campaign targeted populations in Paris, France, and New York City.


Along with social media platforms, Ubisoft has focused marketing for the Just Dance Series on celebrity sponsors such as Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone.


Ubisoft also partnered with Elemental, a communication consultancy that builds and creates brands by integrating online PR, SEO, and social media with traditional marketing, to launch a social media campaign for Just Dance. Elemental built social media channels for Ubisoft and Just Dance, which included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. They integrated each of the social media channels with one another to ensure that each channel supported other activities within each other, including advertising. Elemental also created a “voice” for Just Dance, which became an authentic way to reach out to specific populations to ensure that the young and vibrant audience were able to relate to the brand. Elemental also rewarded the community with exclusive content and access to celebrities and integrated social media with experiential activity, delivering real-time engagement.


World Dance Floor online multiplayer mode allows you to dance with anyone around the world, and even allows you to join your own virtual dance crew. In addition, the Dance Challenger mode lets dancers across the world go head to head with other Just Dance players at any time. The all new Community Remix feature allows you to record yourself dancing to songs and uploading them for other members of the community to vote on. The autodance feature records shareable videos of the players’ recordings during the game to instantly share on social media. In addition to this, the release of the Just Dance Now app will allow Nintendo Wii users to use their smartphones as a controller for the game by the phone’s accelerometer.



Although Just Dance has enjoyed years of success since its launch, we believe there are specific demographics Ubisoft should target in order to further expand its reach. If Ubisoft fails to target America’s rising demographics, its standing as the best-selling game will lose its hold. We find that there are three core challenges that previous marketing campaigns of Just Dance face and will continue to face in 2016 if these demographics are not targeted.


  • The first challenge we foresee is successfully engaging a minority audience to purchase the game.


  • The second challenge Just Dance has faced since it was launched is captivating a male audience.


  • The final challenge we want to overcome is making sure Just Dance 2016 stands out from all previous versions with new and returning buyers purchasing the game.




To expand Just Dance’s total reach by targeting specific subgroups of the American demographic and ensuring that Just Dance 2016 is a vital and active part of every owner’s game library, including owner’s of Xbox One and PS4.


Primary Focus


  • Women ages 30-40 (active purchasers, users, and owners of the game)
  • Men ages 30-50 (Xbox, PS4 users)
  • Minority women ages 40-60 (Families, Asian, Hispanic, and African-American)



  • To engage a larger minority audience using targeted outreach to their respective media, magazine, and internet outlets.
  • To captivate a range of male audiences by focusing on external events that will interest them.
  • To encourage active users and owners of previous versions of Just Dance to purchase Just Dance 2016.

Strategies & Tactics


To engage a larger minority audience using targeted outreach to their respective media, magazine, and internet outlets.


Strategy: Partner with minority television programs, magazines and social media.


Tactics for Hispanic Audience Outreach


  1. Television Programs:


    1. Partner with Despierta America (a spanish-language version of the Today show). For a 10-minute morning segment on a Friday, have audience volunteers participate in a competition where winning prize is a copy of the game before game it is released.


    1. Partner with El Gordo y La Flaca (celebrity gossip-news) to have a dance segment where a celebrity guest plays the game with the host for a 3-minute feature segment.


    1. Partner with Sabado Gigante (hispanic version of late-night game show/Saturday night live) where it is the prize bundled with Xbox One (or newest version of Xbox in the future) for the winner of the show’s own game.


  1. Magazines:


    1. Print campaign for Latina and Cosmopolitan En Espanol magazines featuring Shakira. Campaign will show Shakira with her family playing the game and quotes from Shakira about the game.


  1. Social Media:


    1. Use Latina and Cosmopolitan En Espanol’s social media networks to feature prizes and giveaways of Just Dance on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


    1. Social media accounts of Latino celebrities to endorse Just Dance – Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez.


    1. Use social media accounts of mentioned Latino television programs to mention feature of Just Dance on the show.


    1. Use social media account of Just Dance to interact with latino celebrities so followers of celebrity can see conversations and mentions about Just Dance.

Black Audience


  1. Television Programs:
    1. Partner with the BET Hip-Hop Awards to feature clips of celebrities in attendance playing the game. They will play against the emcee of the award show to show they are engaged and having fun playing.
    2. Provide BET’s 106 & Park, a music and variety show, with a holiday giveaway of the game. Winner’s choose which version of the game – XBox, PS4, Wii – they will win.
    3. Partner with “The Real,” a talk show featuring multicultural hosts shown on BET. Hosts would play the game and talk about it for a ten minute feature. We will be sure to make hosts talk about using the game for a holiday gift, exercise for women, method for bonding with children, etc.


  1. Magazines – Ebony, Essence, JET, Vibe, Black Enterprise Magazine


  1. Feature Just Dance in multicultural shows – Black-ish, Cristela, Fresh off the Boat


  1. Daytime talk show showcases – Ellen, Queen Latifah Show, Steve Harvey, The View, Wendy Williams


To captivate a range of male audiences by focusing on external events that will interest them.


Strategy: Partnered events in sports stadiums


  1. “Just Dance Cam” in metro cities


    1. World Series 2015 no matter the location
    2. Yankee Stadium
    3. At&t Park
    4. Dodgers Stadium
    5. Boston


  1. Just Dance photo booth located at concession stand areas – people will get to participate in the game and go home with a memory of it, creating a connection.




  1. Run editorial piece on fathers and sons/daughters, families, bonding through playing the game together.


  1. Celebrity endorsement by Neil Patrick Harris on his family playing Just Dance. Targets single fathers and/or LGBT families.

To encourage active users and owners to purchase the new version of Just Dance (Just Dance 2016).


Strategy: Celebrity endorsements/campaigns


  1. Partner with Michelle Obama and add “Just Dance” to her Let’s Move! campaign.


  1. Feature Meghan Trainor in a Just Dance “tour”, whose song is playable in Just Dance.


  1. Nickelodeon “Let’s Just Play” Campaign & Kids’ Choice Sports Awards


Strategy: New song focus


  1. Create campaign with Today Show and Good Morning America (appealing to already existing customers) that features hosts doing a dance segment with the artist whose song is a new and hot track on Just Dance


  1. Implement a “Just Dance” award at a major music video/music awards show, like best choreography in a video or best dance moves by original artist, etc. and have that award sponsored by Just Dance (opportunity to become an annual award)- Radio Disney, MTV VMA’s


  1. Hold radio contests in large “Top Hits” stations throughout the country that offer a bundle prize to listeners who guess whose song on the radio is a new song on the Just Dance game




*Announcement for release is tied to E3 in June; game releases mid to late October




Our evaluation process will include monitoring the social campaigns for our minority audiences through Hootsuite’s pro account. We will evaluate based on impressions and engagement- including replies, retweets, favorites, likes, and follows.


We will evaluate Nielson ratings on the television programs Despierta America, El Gordo y La Flaca, and Sabado Gigante. We will measure our magazine campaigns based on magazine sells, subscription number, new reader acquisition, and page spread.


We will then evaluate the impressions we received and filter the categories they fell into. Since our goal is reaching the minority audience, we will evaluate based on the content of the replies of participants and whether or not they have positive reviews about the campaign or the show.


As far as the BET awards go, we will evaluate based on viewership during the exact time the clip is shown and then look at social media engagement during that time. We will filter out any peaks in engagement and evaluate whether they corresponded to that specific clip. We will also measure the ratings for the talk shows and compare viewership with social media engagement.


For our male audience, we will measure how many times a “Dance Cam” was featured during our preferred games and how many fans are in the audience at that time. We will then see how many photobooth pictures we have on deck, and gather those emails for further marketing touches in the future.


For measuring event success, we will first evaluate social media traffic throughout platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr that entails tracking mentions, retweets, and other positive impressions that drives engagement and interaction.


For media publicity, we will track the news outlets, blogs, and other websites with the number of clicks and visits on the website and video. We will then track any social media engagement that received because of this publicity.


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